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About us

We started “Discover Holiday Destinations”

Our vision As a tiny operation in 2015 by two individuals with an objective of establishing a personalized inbound tour operation in Sri Lanka. Initially the promotions were carried out in Middle-East countries such as Qatar and UAE through personal contacts, but now we have quite a lot of satisfied clients from all over the world.

Currently the team at Discover Holiday Destinations consists of nearly 10 enthusiasts who loves their job delivering a highly personalized service to the travelers who wants to visit this beautiful island, Sri Lanka.


We, “Discover Holiday Destinations wants:

Our vision To be the most preferred total destination management establishment in Sri Lanka; valued and recommended by the travelers for its eco-friendly innovative practices bundled with a superior personalized service creating unforgettable memories during their stay at this lovely island.


We, “Discover Holiday Destinations” do things right guided by the below pillars of success:

  • We plan our tours very carefully in such a way that you will get the maximum EXPERIENCE from every destination travelled in Sri Lanka.
  • We think that the PERSONALIZATION of an itinerary is a certain thing every traveler would expect while visiting a country like Sri Lanka, with so many places to travel.
  • We drive ourselves with the passion of giving you the utmost personalized SERVICE based on your preference and budget enabling you to enjoy your stay in this beautiful island.
  • We think that the vast local KNOWLEDGE we have as an experienced total destination management company will help you to get the maximum out of the places you visit in Sri Lanka.

We, “Discover Holiday Destinations” provide the below services to our valued clientele:

  • Travel arrangements including Visa processing, Airline reservations
  • FIT (Fully Independent Traveler) and Group Hotel reservations
  • Special tour packages (Customized tours based on number of days and locations)
  • Meetings, Conference & Event Management
  • Arrangements of all kinds of activates in Sri Lanka
  • Transportation services

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